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Test the opening of a port

In this guide we will see how to test the opening of a port on your connection.

  • First, get the name or ip of the server where your account is hosted:

plesklinuxXX.sd-france.net   for the mutualized

vpsXXX-cloud.sd-france.net for Cloud servers

nameserver.sd-france.net  for Dedicated servers

  • Then open a terminal by following the steps below.

- Your OS is a Windows :

Go to the start menu > Run > and put cmd in the "Open" field and click on the "Ok" button.

Or via the Windows Keyboard Shortcut + r > then type cmd in the "Open" field and click on the "Ok" button.

- Your OS is a MAC : Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal Or via the keyboard shortcut Apple + space, the small magnifying glass opens, type Terminal.

  • Write the following command and then press "enter":

telnet      SERVER_NAME OR_IP      8443

while replacing NAME_OR_IP_SERVER with the value retrieved in step 1.

If the command displays an error, it proves that port 8443 is closed.

You need to disable your firewall or contact your ISP Internet to open it.

You can test any other port with this command; port 25, 587, 143 etc.

Warning: For Windows operating systems, if the telnet command is not recognized, please follow this Microsoft tutorial to activate it.

Updated on 8 December 2022

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