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Search Engine can be likened to a global database allowing to find resources (web pages, images, video, files, etc...) by making queries (search by keywords, domain names, data filtering, etc...). The results are then returned by order of relevance by the search engine, hence the importance of having, on its site, Quality content in order to be in the first results.

Operating principle

The Search Engine is a web search tool made up of "robots" that scan the Internet at regular intervals and automatically (without human intervention, which distinguishes them from directories) to discover new addresses (URL). They follow the hypertext links (which connect your pages to each other) found on each page reached. Each identified page is indexed, according to its relevance, in a database of the search engine, then accessible by the Net surfers starting from key words.

Main search engines

According to studies on search engines (Ref: "WebRankInfo") :

  • Google(about 92% of Internet searches)
  • Bing(about 4% of Internet searches)
  • Yahoo!(about 1% of Internet searches)

Appear on a search engine

Basically, any new site does not automatically appear in the various search engines, you must submit your URL (www.votresite.tld) in each search engine where you want to be listed.

The appearance of your website in the search results is not instantaneous, it is often necessary to wait for the robots to index your site, this can take up to several weeks depending on the search engine.

Add your site's URL to Google

Every time Google crawls the Web, it adds and updates new sites in its index.

However, Google does not add all incoming URLs to its index and cannot predict or guarantee when or if they will be included.

To submit theURL of your site to Googlewe invite you to use this page: Add your site's URL to Google

Here is the google link to get started in SEO.

Updated on 28 November 2022

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