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Important safety reminders

This is a small reminder of two important security points to avoid worries such as hacking your accounts, theft of your personal data, etc.

Use a good antivirus

There are many antivirus products, both free and paid. However, you should note that free antivirus software usually takes longer to update the virus database, which is often much less complete. In addition, some important features are missing in free antivirus programs, such as protection against ransomware and spam. This is why it is always better to opt for a premium antivirus.

Choose secure passwords

Unfortunately, we still see people using very simple passwords such as their child's or pet's first name, their date of birth, the name of their website etc. And keeping them in a simple text file on their computer. And keep them in a simple text file on their computer.

These are two big mistakes, there are many solutions today to :
Generate a secure password,
Protect a given password.

Generate a secure password:

You can find many online tools to generate your secure passwords, here are three that we have selected:

If you are like us and you need to create passwords regularly, in a very simple and fast way, we recommend The Password Genie extension.

Protecting a given password:

Again, there are very good tools to keep all your passwords encrypted on your computer or in the cloud, and they also often have the advantage of being able to pre-fill, or auto-fill, login forms on websites. So you don't need to remember your passwords at all, and thus have simple five character passwords.

Just like antivirus, the best options are usually paid for, but it is a small investment that is necessary.

If you think you are using a password that is already secure, we invite you to go to the following site to see if your password is not already part of the databases containing billions of stolen passwords from hacks that are sold and shared on the web: https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords/

If this is the case, then we advise you to stop using this password and replace it if you are currently using it on certain sites, as this means that a hacker can potentially use it to try to access your website, your Facebook account, your email address, etc.

Every day new viruses and malware are detected and new security holes are made public, with that you can't afford to avoid these two basic security points anymore! You should not forget that all your personal and banking information can be stolen at any time because of a too simple password. So we advise you to consider the above two points as soon as possible.

Updated on 13 December 2022

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