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My website is slowing down

First of all, check the Magic Online's work or the page status of Nuxit that there is not a general incident in progress that could impact your site. If there is no incident in progress, it is most likely a problem related to your site itself and its programming.

In case of a significant slowdown, it is necessary to proceed to an audit of your site. Here are some recommendations that you can give to your webmaster and that will be particularly useful in his steps:

  • Use an objective tool for example Pingdom Tools to test the loading speed of your site. This tool also allows you to analyze the loading time of each resource on your page.
  • If your site was faster before, be concerned about possible changes you have made in the meantime.
  • Identify all external elements likely to be related to your site: identify a possible change in the behavior of an external resource. So check for any external element: inclusion of a remote page/image, flows RSSmeters and guestbooks, etc. Identify the problematic resource and remove it from your page, or change your programming. A common case is also the call for API like Google or Yahoo. Don't forget that in shared hosting the IPs are shared, if other customers abuse these APIThe IP may be temporarily blocked and your site may be impacted.
  • Check your databases : Log in to your PhpMyAdmin and check the size of your tables. Make sure that a session, statistics, log or other table has not grown out of proportion. Empty the affected tables and see this article to maintain your MySQL databases.
  • Check the features of your scripts PHP Does your site make image processingdoes it manage visit statisticsLive ChatDoes it send large numbers of e-mails, does it offer large files for download, and more generally, is it likely to generate actions that may consume many (too many) resources? In general, you should systematically disable any logging/stats/tracking system incompatible with a shared environment.
  • Identify a possible programming problem. Check that you have not made an infinite loop, or code that could generate a programming problem. Go back over your code line by line to identify the line(s) that cause problems. In particular, check that you have not made no remote include HTTP and you only work with local disk paths.
  • If you use a software PHP If you are a known user, you can try to find help from other users of this software.
  • If the subscription type allows, you can modify some PHP parameters that are used to optimize a site.

Updated on 16 December 2022

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