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WordPress: Recommended Performance Settings

In this guide, we will explain the recommended performance settings of WordPress.

When WordPress is installed on a adapted web hostingIt must be fast and fluid.

First of all, it is essential to have a "healthy" WordPress, including all components, without exceptionThe following are up to date: WordPress itself, its extensions and its themes.
Also, uninstall all the extensions that are not necessary for your activity. The fewer extensions you have, the faster the site can be.

PHP parameters

WordPress (4.X) finds its optimal performance with PHP version 7. Here is the link to activate this versionfrom the customer area.

Dashboard settings

WordPress does not have a built-in feature to optimize its performance. It is then necessary to install an extension.
We recommend the extension WP Super Cacheavailable in the WordPress extension directory.

WP Super Cache Extension

The settings page of this plugin is not very clear, we recommend you to perform only the operations described below.

So here's how to change the recommended performance settings on WordPress.

  1. First click on Settings then WP Super Cache
  2. Then click directly on the tab Advanced
    • Caching Check the box Enable Caching
    • Cache Delivery Method : Select Expert
    • Various :
      • Check Compresses pages so that they are served faster to visitors. (Recommended)
      • Check Cache rebuild. Serves a SuperCache file to anonymous users while a new file is generated. (Recommended)
  3. Finally click on the button Update statutes

From this point on, the server response time (TTFB) will drop from about 500 ms - 700 ms to less than 100 ms, which will please the search engines and your visitors.

In case of an update on your site, remember to regenerate the cache.

We have finished explaining how to edit the recommended performance settings on WordPress. Thank you for your attention

Updated on 20 September 2022

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