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Prestashop : Recommended performance settings

When Prestashop is installed on a suitable accommodationIt must be fast and fluid.

Before anything else, it is essential to have a store All the components are "healthy", without exceptionare up to date: Prestashop, its modules and themes.
Also, uninstall all the modules that are not necessary for your activity.

PHP parameters

Prestashop (1.6 and 1.7) finds its optimal performance with PHP FPM version 7. Activate this version on your storefrom your customer area.

Back-office settings

Go to the Advanced settings then Performance of your Prestashop back-office.

The performance tuning page is divided into seven parts:

o Smarty
o Debug mode
o Disabled features
o Media servers
o Encryption
o Cache

We are going to intervene on only three of them.


  • Compilation of templates : Never recompile template files
  • Cache: Yes
  • Caching type: File system
  • Empty the cache: Never clear cache files

CCC (Concatenation, Compression and Caching)

  • "Smart cache for style sheets: Yes
  • "Smart cache for JavaScript code: Yes
  • HTML code reduction: Yes
  • Compression of JavaScript in HTML code: No .
    This function requires a lot of resources from the servers, which slows down the loading of the page, sometimes by more than 100 ms.
  • Move the JavaScript code to the end : Yes
  • Apache optimization: Yes


  • Use the cache : Yes
  • Cache system: APC

If a message informs you that the APC PECL extension is not installed, open a support ticketwe will proceed to its activation.

Activating the APC cache sometimes makes your store unstable. It is recommended to deactivate it in case of problems.

Updated on 1 December 2022

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