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Disable automatic renewal

Question: What is automatic renewal?

Answer: It is the fact that the renewal order is automatically generated without you accessing your customer panel. This is useful and saves you time.

Usually, the renewal order is generated 7 to 60 days in advance for domain names, and 7 to 60 days in advance for hosting and server packages. But there are special cases depending on the offer. You can refer to our administrative assistance per ticket to retrieve this data.


When you order a package from us, automatic renewal is enabled by default. Basically, before the expiration date of the offer, the renewal order is generated and emailed to your email address in the customer profile.

This command is also present on the Account of your customer panel.

Account menu

If you have activated your credit card on the panel, the order will be paid automatically, 7 to 60 days in advance, depending on the service.

Attention: In this case there is no possibility of refund.

To deactivate your bank card, here are the steps the support link which explains how to do it.

Disable automatic renewal

First, go to your trademark control panel, Magic Online or Nuxit.

In the left menu click on the section Account.

Account menu

Then click Subscriptions.

Choose the subscription in question, click on it.

Then click on the button DISABLE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.

If you cannot find the button to disable this service, please open a support ticket and make the request in writing.


If the renewal order has already been generated and in the meantime you have deactivated the automatic renewal of the pack in question, it is imperative to open a support ticket and ask our administrative department to cancel the order. In this case, the order will remain valid and will be executed the day of renewal. No possibility to make a credit or refund is possible.

Disabling auto-renewal does not cancel the pending renewal order.

Updated on 5 December 2022

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