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Set up my email address on the Gmail interface

Open the gmail interface and log in with your Gmail address.

Then go to the menu Parameters at the top right of the Gmail space, then See all parameters.

Then follow the menu Accounts and importthen the link Add another email address.

Enter your first and last name, as well as the e-mail address that is hosted by us. Then click on Next step.

Insert the outgoing SMTP server, port 587, the complete e-mail address in the field User nameand the password of the address.

Click on the button Add an account.

A code is sent to the address you are trying to set up on the GMAIL platform.

Access the webmail to get the code.

Copy the code and put it on the always open window, then validate.

That's it! The configuration of your email address on the Gmail interface is in place.

Updated on 20 October 2022

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