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Email Pro configuration on Windows Phone


This guide is dedicated only to our subscribers who have subscribed to the old shared hosting Plesk (Mail100, Mail1000, Mail10000, SMART, DISCOUNT, PRO and SECURE).

In this guide we take as an example the domain " groupemagiconline.fr " and the following configuration parameters;

- Email address used in our example: adressetest@groupemagiconline.fr

- Incoming server used in our example: mail.groupemagiconline.fr

- Outgoing server used in our example: mail.groupemagiconline.fr

Please replace these values with those of your email address and server name belonging to your domain.

Open the menu, and follow 'E-mail'.


Drag the menu from the bottom to the top. Choose 'Settings'.


Then "+" to add an account.


Put the email address in question and the associated password.

Click 'Next'.


Choose between POP or IMAP.

CAUTION: Do Not Select Exchange.

When using the IMAP protocol, the limit is 20 connections per IP. If a mail account is configured on several devices (PC, phone, tablet, etc.) each device can potentially connect to the mailbox and open a different connection to it from the same IP address.

If your account is hosted on a shared Windows server, please contact our support in case the configuration does not work (this may be related to a limitation).

- IMAP protocol:

This protocol keeps a copy on the server without the need to change the advanced settings.

- POP protocol:

By default messages are deleted from the server once they are downloaded. You can change this in the advanced settings.

Then set the outgoing server parameters:

The verification of your data will take a few seconds ->

Your phone will give you the default account settings.


Just click on 'Next'.



You have successfully created your account.


Updated on 1 December 2022

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